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Francesco Andrea Poletti
Chief Creative Officer
Francesco Poletti has dedicated himself to empowering leading global companies through creativity. Currently, he focuses on delivering clients' most innovative and impactful campaigns and experiences. His visionary leadership enhances the agency's offerings, ensuring consistent and compelling creative outputs.
Niccolò Arletti
Chief Executive Officer
With his extensive industry knowledge and collaborative approach, Niccolò brings a deep understanding of brand strategy and consumer engagement. He contributes to the agency's continued success in delivering groundbreaking campaigns and driving client satisfaction, along with impactful results.
Francesca Zedde
Head of Strategy
Francesca excels in leveraging consumer insights and market trends to craft compelling brand narratives that resonate deeply with target audiences. A knowledge built across different categories, including luxury, banking, FMCG and automotive, with a focus in making brands relevant in culture.
Andrea Ferlauto
Head of Art
Andrea is a multifaceted Head of Art whose aim is to keep his advertising work fresh, in touch with culture and always closer to what’s ahead. Andrea’s priority number one is to elevate the iconicity of every client and create a new team dedicated to that.
Andrey Tyukavkin
Head of Creative Innovation, LeGarage
Andrey combines deep programming skills with a keen creative vision, seamlessly integrating technology into advertising. As Head of Creative Innovation he leads LeGarage, LePub’s tech and innovation hub, leveraging his strategic creativity and technical proficiency to drive dynamic, tech-driven campaigns that push the boundaries of traditional advertising methods.
Selim Unlusoy
Global Head of Artificial Intelligence, LeGarage
Selim is a creative who excels in integrating cross-cultural insights into his work, fostering innovative and effective advertising strategies. He is deeply knowledgeable in biomimicry and the impact of AI on design and his study of the relationship between humans and machines further enhances his ability to develop forward-thinking, technologically savvy campaigns.
Mauro Mazzei
Global Head of Creative Technology, LeGarage
Mauro leads and pushes the innovative side of the agency from idea creation to production, merging creativity and technology. His inventiveness is pivotal to develop and experiment a wide range of technologies with a creative attitude.
Vittorio Cafiero
Head of Innovation and Digital Production, LeGarage
Vittorio is a digital producer and former project manager embodying proactive problem-solving and fostering collaborative success. As he thrives in diverse, dynamic environments, he spearheads multi-office operations, helping teams to deliver cutting-edge digital experiences.
Carmit Poleg
Head of Global Business Development
Carmit is a multicultural and experienced professional committed to crafting agile, creative, and innovative thought leadership while bringing increased high value to clients across their companies’ business vision, end-to-end go-to-market activities and brand equity impact. She believes that building meaningful client connections through a collaborative win-win approach, is a pivotal asset for brands to resonate globally.
Neo Segola
Executive Creative Director
Neo is a multifaceted creative, known for her innovative thinking and strategic approach. She has a passion for building iconic brands and creating work that resonates with people on a human level, leveraging a philosophy that revolves around crafting work which not only drives business growth but also actively contributes to shaping cultural narratives.
Selae Thobakgale
Head of Brand & Culture
Selae leads the strategy for LePub Johannesburg and is dedicated to developing innovative approaches that drive meaningful change. Her work focuses on integrating creative solutions with strategic insights to elevate brand presence and foster deep connections with audiences.
Sue Napier
Managing Director
Sue leads LePub in South Africa - she’s a global expert with a strong ability to connect people and drive solutions and results. She excels in integrated brand, advertising, and communications industry, spanning FMCG, Financial, and Telecommunication sectors.
Aldo Ramirez
Chief Creative Officer
Aldo is part of a dynamic and acclaimed duo with Ricardo Avilés. His leadership and creative knowledge propel fresh ideas and innovative thinking in new projects. At LePub México City, he integrates advanced data and technology to create transformative campaigns that resonate with audiences and drive client growth​.
Ricardo Aviles
Chief Creative Officer
Ricardo Avilés teams up with Coco, his creative counterpart. Together, they have spearheaded a decade-long journey of creative brilliance, consistently elevating teams and agencies to new heights of excellence. Their innovative approach and collaborative dynamic ensure that their work not only meets but exceeds client expectations, driving significant brand growth and recognition.
Almudena Blanco
Managing Director
Almudena excels in creating impactful brand experiences, driving brand loyalty, and increasing revenue through innovative strategies. A strategic leader focused on business development and brand consulting that reshapes brand narratives and groundbreaking solutions.
Felipe Cury
Chief Creative Officer
Felipe is a creative visionary who harnesses the synergy of strategy, data, and technology to elevate creativity and drive innovation. With a focus on developing impactful experiences that resonate culturally, Felipe's approach integrates strategic insights with cutting-edge tech to create memorable brand interactions.
Aldo Pini
Chief Strategy Officer
Aldo is a strategy leader who focuses on planning innovative campaigns that deliver business growth, brand relevance, and consumer engagement for global and local clients. His multidisciplinary vision allows him to think about strategy regardless of format or model, always aiming at the best recommendation for the brand.
Cyril Louis
Executive Creative Director
Cyril is a hybrid creative, fusing technology and artistry. His knowledge lies in storytelling, digital experiences and product innovation. He creates unique, relevant, and timely customer experiences by embracing relevancy and topicality along with cultural resonance.
Belynda Sim
Cultural Strategy Lead
Belynda always seeks to connect everyday people with corporate decision-making. Her mission is to assist brands in discovering more meaningful roles in the lives of individuals. As a former qualitative researcher, she delves into and comprehends human behavior within the broader societal landscape.
Hanh Kanssen
General Manager
With her deep and native insights into Asian consumer lifestyles and experiences, Hanh creates meaningful connections between brands and consumers. In early 2023, she moved to Singapore to build a diverse team of creative hybrids and local culture detectives at LePub Singapore.
Milos Obradovic
Chief Creative Officer
Milos’ expertise spans various domains, from local to global, encompassing creativity and strategy, showcasing strong abilities and sensitivity. His comprehensive approach ensures each campaign is not only creatively compelling but also strategically significant, driving results and fostering long-term brand growth.
Sol Ghafoor
Chief Strategy Officer
Sol leads strategy, excelling in crafting innovative solutions across FMCG, Fashion, Sports, and Automotive domains. At LePub, he guides a team of specialists in brand, data, and experience strategy, reshaping the landscape of consumer-brand engagement for the next generation.
Kirk Johnsen
Global Client Lead
Kirk’s aim has always been to craft seamless consumer experiences from start to finish, ultimately fueling tangible business results - building the most enviable and culture-shaping global brands around the world, creating consistent and disproportionate impact.
Bruno Bertelli
CEO LePub, CCO Publicis Worldwide
Bruno is a globally recognized creative leader, known for his strategic vision, innovative thinking and exceptional skills in creative direction. His work and talent transforms brand communication through innovative approaches and visionary leadership. His mentoring abilities and expertise for fostering creativity within teams make him a key figure in the global advertising industry​.
Cristiana Boccassini
Chief Creative Officer LePub
Cristiana hones her abilities in contributing to the overall strategic direction and creative excellence of the LePub Network. She excels in fostering creative environments that inspire groundbreaking work, leveraging her deep understanding and knowledge of brand strategy and storytelling. She succeeds in delivering impactful international campaigns for major brands. A visionary approach to advertising, turning creative ideas into successful, results-driven campaigns.
Mihnea Gheorghiu
Chief Creative Officer
Mihnea excels in guiding creative teams, inspiring innovation and excellence in every project. His global experience has endowed him with a unique perspective and exceptional adaptability. His experience equips him to understand the needs of global clients and develop effective communication strategies that resonate with diverse audiences.
Bela Ziemann
Chief Strategy Officer
Bela sharpens his skills in strategic planning and client management, demonstrating a keen understanding of consumer behavior and market dynamics. His strategic insights plays a pivotal role in shaping successful campaigns and in developing innovative solutions that address clients' business challenges and drive results.
David Pagnoni
COO LePub & General Manager LePub Milan
David is an accomplished advertising professional with a robust skill set in brand strategy, client management, and operational leadership. He excels in understanding market dynamics and consumer behavior, which enables him to create effective and impactful campaigns.
Paul Ryman
Chief Financial Officer
Paul brings financial partnering and commercial experience within marcoms holding companies for numerous multinational clients. He is tenacious and prepared in negotiation and has a strong commitment to delivering for agency and clients.
Isabella Cecconi
Head of PR & Communication
An experienced communications and marketing executive, with a focus on luxury, fashion and corporate institutions. Isabella brings her creative and strategic mindset to help clients gain earned media visibility, leveraging on unconventional PR strategies.
Francesca Zazzera
Chief Production Officer
Francesca is a prominent figure in global advertising production. She leverages her deep expertise to oversee and drive the production of major projects for high-profile brands. Her ability to manage diverse teams across different markets has been instrumental in delivering high-quality campaigns that resonate globally.
Giada Salerno
Head of Client Services
Giada is an experienced advertising professional known for her leadership capabilities. She excels in strategic account management, ensuring client goals align with creative outputs. Her experience in managing global brands showcases her ability to navigate complex marketing landscapes and drive results.

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