12 10 2023
LePub scored 19 metals and won ‘the agency of the year’ award at the Golden Drum 2023
The Golden Drum International Festival of Creativity 2023 has wrapped up with its Awards ceremony, where the juries’ granted 19 metals among which 4 Grand Prix, 5 Golden Drums, 6 Silver and 4 Bronze to LePub agency across various categories. For the fourth year in a row, LePub has been awarded the title of ‘Agency of the Year’, contributing to its overall success through projects known and appreciated for reflecting great impact and being innovative in approaching cultural nuances. The winning campaigns were created for clients and brands including Barilla, Heineken, and Prime Video and were recognized across a wide range of categories. Barilla Passive Cooking scooped 1 Grand Prix in the Creative Business Excellence section (Sustainable Business Solutions), 4 Silver in the Integrated, Engagement and Social Good categories, and 1 Bronze in the All Juries section for the Game Changer category. Heineken The Office Cleaners got 1 Grand Prix in the Creative Media Excellence section (Use of Creative Idea) and 1 Gold in Creative Business Excellence (Brand Building). The Nobody watches Women's Football campaign won 2 Grand Prix in One-Channel (OOH) and Creative Business Excellence (Activation) sections as well as 1 Gold in Omni-Channel (Sports, Pop Culture & Arts). The Heineken Bar Experience project took home 1 Gold in Social Good and 1 Silver in Sustainable Business Solutions. Heineken The Closer achieved 1 Gold in OOH (Ambient & Experiential) and 1 Bronze in the Omni-Channel section for the Integrated category; The Ghosted Bar gained 1 Silver in Film while the 150 years of good times campaign - celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Heineken brand - conquered 1 Bronze in the same section for the Film category. The Laundry Screen campaign, which was created for Prime Video, also earned 1 Golden Drum in OOH and 1 Bronze in the Genius Loci/Local Spirit category. The Golden Drum International Festival of Creativity has stood throughout decades as one of the most visible crossroads of the creative, marketing and advertising professional communities in the European advertising space. Read more about the awards, winners, and highlights here. Back to news

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