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DEISEL – Go with the Fake


In the spirit of Go With The Flaw, Diesel opened up the most flawed store possible in New York: a knock-off store named DEISEL. Those who followed their flawed fashion sense and were smart enough to shop there, got Diesel quality for knock-off prices.

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Enjoy Before Returning

Going for the night in an outfit you’ll return the next morning? We know everyone does it — it’s a rising trend, and most fashion brands struggle with how to handle it. Not Diesel though that introduces a new campaign…


Francesca is a film about a young girl during her transition phase. Day by day we see her body change, while she becomes increasingly aware of herself and her new identity, which will lead her to fulfill her life’s dream.…

Ha(u)te Couture

We’ve all been victims of negativity and criticism on social media. No matter what you do online, there is always somebody waiting to criticize you. The most common reaction to all of this hate, is to step back. But, hiding…

Diesel X Coca-cola: The (Re)collection

Diesel announces: THE (RE)COLLECTION. Its new capsule collection partly made of recycled PET from plastic bottles and in partnership with CocaCola. And while other brands launch their collaborations in the fanciest most exclusive Pop-Up stores, Diesel is inviting people to get…

Be A Follower

Our Instagram feeds make us think that an influencer’s life is a dream life. But is it? Come to think of it, the life of an influencer is much harder than the life of their followers. So, the BE A…

Go With The Flaw

This is the story of a half blind editor who's having a go at making his first film. Cinematic perfection, masterful editing skills that tell a clear story - he'll have none of that. And he will regrette rien. Because…

Diesel x Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap

In the world of street fashion super-slick, designer collaborations are an absolute must have. Fashion brands will do anything to earn a few extra cool points, even if that means partnering with the competition for a share of their coolness.…

For Successful Living

Three words have been part of Diesel’s DNA for the last 30 years: FOR SUCCESSFUL LIVING. Now a new iconic campaign puts these words - and Diesel’s core product category, denim - in the spotlight to tell a new FOR…

Diesel On Fadelite SS20

What happens when superpowered people walk among us? In our new campaign for the Diesel On Fadelite smartwatches, it turns out supers have the same daily annoyances as the rest of us - they just find their own way of…


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