The Sign

Research about consumers’ behavior shows that separate collection goes up by 141% just by making the appropriate bins easier to find. This means that people are already willing to recycle: they just need a little push. Through this minimal OOH campaign based on the brand’s iconic ribbon, we made recycling bins of major cities across the CEE region impossible to miss.

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Pause is Power

In a world that glorifies a toxic culture of winning at all costs, Powerade is the challenger brand that wants people to feel, and believe that taking a pause is an act of power that will make them come back…

Live Till The Last Drop

Whilst other water brands will remind you to hydrate, Bonaqua is here to champion living till the last drop. When we chug life, when are giving our all, we are living to the fullest, so if we are thirsty, it…

Inner Fight

In sports when you are about to give up, most of the time it’s because you think you’re not strong enough to handle the struggle. But only by defeating these thoughts can you overcome the real enemy: yourself. #ProveYourselfWrong.  …


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