The making of Rado press campaigns, created by Publicis Italia.

Time stands still, remaining motionless in a confined space. The shape of this space, always the same, is the distinctive feature of the “material” nature of Rado press campaigns, representing the timelessness of its luxury watches. The ceramic material used makes them scratch-resistant and eternally new. The other features of the watches such as their lightness, preciousness, the origin of the ceramic and the plasma process, just like their scratch resistance, are communicated through the various materials that create this shape, using extremely elegant images and pure graphics. This is how they have been created.

Other projects Rado Switzerland

Hypercrome Match Point

Rado is a sponsor of the Swiss Indoors Tennis Tournament in Basel. With its collection of watches inspired by the world of tennis, it has always highlighted the sporting nature of its chronographs. In its advertising spot, Publicis Italia introduces…


Rado collaborated with Publicis Italia and Tang Wei to tell the story of its timeless magic. Rado was one of the first luxury brands to enter the Chinese market. The brand owes its success to stylish design and innovation. Rado is a…


And in the end, it's time to play. Andy Murray puts his Rado watch to the test in the commercial by Publicis Italia. Being one of the top players in the world tennis circuit requires talent and tough training sessions.…


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